Are you a stability reject?

Are you a stability reject?

Q. Are you a stability reject?

A. Candidates who bad mouth their past employers or past bosses get rejected in the interview as this shows poor team management skills.

If you mention anything about shifts or show preference about shifts you will surely get rejected in the interview. Always mention that you are ok with any shifts.

If you have left your previous company within 6 months there is a 99.9% chance that you will get rejected unless the company or the process in that company has shut down.

If the interviewer asks you to sign a bond then your answer has to be YES. Remember the interviewer is trying to check if you are going to work for long term and 99.9% of times there is no bond to be signed. Bond is anyways illegal in India, Philippines and Malaysia.

If your interviewer asks you whether you are willing to pursue further education then your answer should be NO. If you say YES it indicates that you will take leaves during exams or may quit for education.

If you are overqualified for the Job you will 100% get rejected. Eg are "MBA Degree while applying for CSE", "Current Designation is a manager while applying for the post of a Team Leader".

If you are a female candidate and just delivered a baby then there is a 100% chance that the interviewer might reject you as he thinks you would not be comfortable working in shifts.

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